Central Valley LGBT Activist Featured In New Documentary Premiering At Tribeca Festival

Stockton, CA- LGBT Activist and Political Consultants role as campaign manager featured in True Son-the story of Michael Tubbscampaign to become the youngest councilmember in Stockton History amidst record setting homicide rate and impending bankruptcy.

In the midst of coordinating Stocktons very first pride festival, Nicholas Hatten, Executive Director of the newly formed San Joaquin Pride Center, accepts Tubbs invitation to manage the day-to-day responsibilities for his underdog council campaign which eventually catches the eye and support of people like TV legend Oprah Winfrey, rapper and social media guru MC Hammer and Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson. 

Despite California enjoying a reputation for being liberal, the Central Valley, including San Joaquin County, is a conservative island far behind the social curve.  This cultural stagnation became apparent to Hatten following the 2008 elections when an overwhelming 65% of San Joaquin County voters supported Proposition 8 denying marriage equality to the States LGBT community. (Fresno reached 64%, while Stanislaus and Merced both reached 67.9%). The conservative nature of the area also handicaps fundraising efforts for LGBT (or perceived LGBT) issues and causes making it harder to create long-term solutions for the challenges Valley LGBT people face.

Hatten is now taking the lessons learned from his organizing for Councilman Michael Tubbs and others to encourage LGBT organizing throughout the rest of the socially conservative Central Valley and nation. Hatten will be in New York from April 18th-20th for the film festival and a tour of LGBT centers and is available for interviews upon request.

About Nicholas Hatten

Nicholas Hatten is an innovative LGBT advocate and political consultant with over 20 years of broad ranging advocacy and organizing experience in Central California and the San Francisco Bay Area. Hatten has been instrumental in challenging Californias conservative Central Valley communities to discuss LGBT related issues and how the lack of cultural competency impacts the quality of life for its LGBT citizens. Politically, Hatten has worked on some of the hottest Central Valley campaigns to receive national recognition; Michael Tubbs for City Councils victorious 2012 campaign, US Representative Jerry McNerneys defeat of House Resource Chair Richard Pombo in 2006 and US Astronaut Jose Hernandez2012 congressional bid.

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