LGBT+ the New Now: Youth Empowerment Summit



Special Keynote by Mia "Tu Mutch" Satya 


Mia “Tu Mutch” Satya is a trailblazing community organizer with a decade of advocacy experience specializing in youth empowerment, economic justice, housing affordability, and LGBTQ liberation. Ms. Satya is an alumna of the Boards and Commissions Leadership Institute, Pathways to Policy, the Victory Empowerment Fellowship, and the National LGBTQ Task Force’s Transgender Leadership Exchange.

As a service provider for 4 years, Mia worked with community based organization to provide critical services like healthcare, housing, and employment for San Francisco’s most vulnerable members including homeless and LGBTQ youth. Mia has served on over 10 committees in 5 City departments and played many key roles in the reauthorization of the Children’s fund in 2014 that secured over $150 million a year in critical services. Now as Director of Youth Engagement at TAYSF, she facilitates opportunities for youth to give feedback on policy decisions that impact their lives.

In 2016, Mia became the first transexual to graduate from Emerge California, the premiere political training program for women and she also received her Bachelor’s in Political, Legal, and Economic Analysis from Mills College. Mia is the founder of All Out: the LGBTQ+ Political Pipeline, a grassroots nonprofit organization committed to inspiring, educating, and connecting youth to change the world!

Special Keynote by Mahnani K. Clay


Since her arrival in San Francisco in 2011, Mahnani K. Clay (aka: Nani) has made quite a splash as an emerging Leader, community organizer and social justice advocate. She has devoted herself to serving her community and has steadily worked to build her unique intersectional voice and to expand her sphere of impact and influence. She has developed a reputation for continually standing up and insisting that those most affected by any particular "issue" should have a say in their own decisions. "My goal is to bridge the gap between marginalized communities and those who seek to serve us so that our needs are translated into progressive legislation that actually improves our outcomes."  Mx. Clay's work has earned her executive leadership roles in mix of influential organizations in both the LGBTIQQ and POC communities. As a Queer Black Mother, Formerly-Incarcerated,  Disabled, Former Foster Youth, Former Herion Addict, Sex Worker, Formerly Homeless Survivor she speaks from a perspective that isn't often represented in leadership circles.  "What I'm finding is that my perspective isn't always necessarily welcome amongst those who benefit from maintaining the status quo."   Mahnani has been proudly answering the call of Black Lives Matter since late 2014 and has joined powerful network of organizers and influencers. She praises the movement's founders Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors and Opal Tometi for giving the Black community strength and hope in the face of increasingly overt oppression and visible violence national.

Mahnani is a true believer in the power of redemption as she is experiencing it firsthand currently. She maintains that her story of "Restorative Justice in action" is still being written. She has come so far since she started out volunteering in direct services supporting formerly incarcerated women in 2011. Now, as the President & Founder of Project CHEER (Community Helping Everyone Encourage Restoration), she feels fortunate to be supporting children, family and communities impacted by incarceration and criminal justice involvement.  Her vision is that her community engagement project will be increasingly successful in its efforts to strengthen community connections, amplify voices that cry out for social justice and reduce the stigma of incarceration.

October 01, 2016 at 9:30am - 3:30pm
Central United Methodist
Nicholas Hatten · (209) 466-7572
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