LGBT Youth Workshops


On September 21st, the San Joaquin Pride Center, in partnership with California Rural Legal Assistance, Stockton Unified School District and sponsored by the University of Pacific, will be hosting an LGBT Youth Empowerment Summit. During the summit  Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) will be conducting workshops for students. We want to hear from you!!!


What workshops would you like us to offer at our very first Youth Empowerment Summit for our LGBT youth? 


GSA youth facilitated topics:

1. How to Have a Kick Ass GSA - Basics of running a GSA, facilitating meetings, recruiting members, etc

2. GSA Diversity - Importance of making GSAs reflect diversity of school community, concrete ways to increase diversity of GSA, understanding of barriers to diverse GSAs

3. Fighting Homophobia & Transphobia in YOUR School! - how to organize issue specific campaigns at school.

4. Understanding Gender & Sexuality - basics of sexual orientation and gender identity, understanding of gender binary system

5. Fight for Your Rights! - Legal rights info, how to file complaints, obligations of schools to keep LGBT students safe



Which workshop are you most interested in participating in?

Fight for Your Rights!
Fighting Homophobia & Transphobia in YOUR School!
How to Have a Kick Ass GSA
Understanding Gender & Sexuality
GSA Diversity

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