Youth Leader Diana Sandoval & Michael Tubbs Get It Right

This Saturday, San Joaquin Pride Center youth leader Diana Sandoval gave a powerful speech about the need for gun control and the need for mental health services. It was a speech she wrote herself and her delivery was powerful. The fact that she is only a sophomore in high school should not be a surprise following all the examples of youth standing up and showing bravery and intelligence but she still blows me away.  She, like her brother Frankie, another dynamic LGBT+ young leader before her, is someone to watch.  I want to give Diana props for doing something that our mayor, Michael Tubbs, recently did, give voice to transgender women of color. Both of them took a moment to acknowledge their importance last week. Diana in her speech during Saturday's March for Our Lives in Stockton and Michael as part of his CEDAW Resolution that was passed last week by City Council. 


Why is this important? If you grew up in Stockton during the 70s, 80s and 90s, you knew Coco. She was a beautiful African American transgender woman. She walked everywhere and could not help but stand out in a crowd.  She was also a prostitute because at the time, a transgender women in Stockton couldn't find a job due to prejudices. Prejudices that still exist today. She battled years of drug addiction and mental health problems. Many of us assumed she had died but she is still alive. Sadly she's also in prison because of her battles. She unfortunately represents all the struggles that most transgender women of color endure. Even more sad, statistics state that transgender women of color make up the most murder cases percentage wise despite being the smallest demographic. For them, being murdered or attempting to murder them is  a daily reality. 

Statistics to remember: 

  • 72 percent of victims of anti-LGBT homicide were transgender women.
  • 67 percent of anti-LGBT homicide victims were trans women of color.
  • Transgender survivors and victims only made up 13 percent of the total number of hate violence reports to the National Coalition of Anti-Violence  that year. Only 13 percent – and yet trans women accounted for almost three-quarters of the year’s total hate violence fatalities.
  • 75 percent of all anti-LGBT+ hate crimes are towards transgender people. 
  • Extreme levels of unemployment and poverty lead one in eight trans person to become involved in underground economies—such as sex and drug work—in order to survive.

So a huge hat tip to Diana and to Mayor Tubbs for remembering that when we talk about equality for women, we also must acknowledge that women of color, transgender women and especially transgender women of color have unique challenges that need to be emphasized. 

You can watch Diane's powerful speech here




You can read Stockton City Council's entire resolution here. 

 To show your support for our local transgender community, join them at their Trans Day of Visibility event to be held on March 31st. More details here. 


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Four Reasons Why We Hope You Will Join Us Next Sunday

Our annual Oscar Watch Party is next Sunday on March 4th and this year it's at the beautiful Brookside Country Club. Here are four reasons via youtube clips we hope give you reason to join us: 


Advocacy: Making History with A Drag Performance At The State Capitol

Read more
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Here, Portraits Beyond the Binary

Here, Portraits Beyond the Binary is a series of environmental portraits of transgender, non-binary, agender, genderqueer, and other non-cisgender identities by photographer Tristan Crane.

This project is working to raise awareness of the tremendous diversity of background, expression, and life experience within our community by providing a platform for Trans and non-binary visibility and self description. 

Featured are our very own Cymone Reyes and James Patnaude:

Click this link to read about the HERE project

Click here to read the article on Cymone and here to read the article on James



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Thank You Dyane



Thank you to Pride Center Board Member Dyane Burgos Medina for creating and developing our Pride Center's Mental Health Support Services Program. #SJTrueColors #StrongerTogether #LGBTRocks #DiversityRules

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Unveiling of Elena Kelly Banner


Congratulations again to Elena Kelly for the unveiling of your "Strength In Diversity" banner! This wouldn't have been possible with out the help of Downtown Stockton Alliance! Thank you to Congressman Jerry McNerneyand everyone who stopped by for this special unveiling!

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2017 AT&T Investing in California Awards



Congratulations to the San Joaquin Pride Center, the Little Manila Foundation and Fathers & Families of San Joaquin for their 2017 AT&T Investing in California Awards. They are recognized today for their outstanding commitment to the community .

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Criticism of the LGBT community to the veto decision to transsexuals to the armed forces



Activists from the LGBT community called this decision a step back from the gains that had already been made.

Watch Here.


Activistas de la comunidad LGBT calificaron esta decisión como un retroceso a los logros que ya se habían alcanzado.

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NorCal transgender community reacts to military ban


Reversing an Obama-era policy, President Donald Trump announced Wednesday morning that the government "will not accept or allow" transgender citizens to
serve in the military.

In a set of tweets, Trump cited the "tremendous medical costs and disruption" that the individuals serving in the armed forces would entail. The announcement says nothing specific about transgender people who are currently serving...

Click here to watch the video from KCRA and read the rest of the article.

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Cultivating Acceptance Pride Festival Video

Check out our new Cultivating Acceptance and Pride Festival video advertisement here! Sponsored by the California Public Health Office of Equity's Disparities Project. Don't forget to join us at the Pride Festival on August 26th at Weber Point in Downtown Stockton. 


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Pride Not Prejudice

Check out our article in The Current. There is a full section about what the Pride Center has been up to as well as information on our Cultivating Acceptance Program and the Pride festival. 

Click HERE!




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