This country... invalidated My Existence

By Almendra Carpizo

Record Staff Writer

As the reality of a Donald Trump presidency set in for Nicholas Hatten, he had one thought:

“This country, by voting for Trump, invalidated my existence as a gay, African-American Latino.”

Hatten, executive director of the San Joaquin Pride Center, was among the many people who were left stunned by news that the United States elected Trump to become America’s 45th president.

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Frank Talk on Race

STOCKTON — It only takes a look at The Record’s Opinion page to see the impact race plays in local communities.
From anti-police brutality protesters to Muslim extremists; two topics hotly debated and two topics addressed Thursday during a meeting of The Record’s Reader Advisory Committee focused on race.
Eleven people — members of the advisory committee and leaders of community organizations — from different ethnic backgrounds sat down with The Record’s publisher and editors to have a frank conversation about race, diversity and the newspaper’s coverage.
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California Health Fax

In this issue of California Healthfax

Call 800-753-0131 or email

Call 888-834-4678 or email

HealthLeaders Media, 35 Village Road, Suite 200, Middleton, MA 01949


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Fant: MUSD sensitivity lacking

Could cultural proficiency or better networking with groups and organizations representing minority groups have prevented a recent lawsuit at Sierra High School?

Fant said he was approached by the Director of the San Joaquin Pride Center while walking through Downtown Stockton after news had broke that a student at Sierra High School had been suspended for wearing a t-shirt that said “Nobody Knows I’m a Lesbian.”

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Community Responds to Chaplaincy

To view KCRA's interview with local members of the LGBT community about the recent Chaplain incedent click here




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Thanks Chief Jones & City Manager Wilson



A big thanks to Stockton Chief of Police Eric Jones and City Manager Kurt Wilson for bringing their Listening Tour to the San Joaquin Pride Center and meeting with members of our community. It was a lively discussion and while we were happy to report that overall our community is happy with the progress and support we get from SPD, we were still able to share historical information when times weren't so positive. Thanks to the members of our community for participating and sharing their stories. It was a diverse group and great conversation. 

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Taking Inspiration

From Executive Director, Nicholas Hatten: CompassPoint has been a huge help to our organization so when they asked me to make a film about the Pride Center, I jumped at the chance. What I hadn't realized is they wanted a story about me too. I reluctantly obliged. If you walk away from watching this short with a new appreciation for the work we are doing at the Center, well, me getting personal was worth it. Please, if you care about our work, please join us on Feb. 22nd for our Red Carpet Gala. It's a fun event but more importantly, it helps us keep our doors open. Thanks!

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Transgender Court to be Honored

Marty Gallego had had enough of the taunting, the physical attacks, the being made to feel different.

At 17, six months shy of reaching 18, Gallego assumed the name Miss Monique, put on make-up and a dress and told the world: “I am who I am. Deal with it.”

A few years later, Gallego, 63, helped found the Imperial San Joaquin Delta Empire and became the transgender court’s first empress. To continue reading click here

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Response to Con about the Pride Festival

In response to Loretta Daniels’ letter, I attended the Stockton Pride Festival and was pleased that The Record chose to give it front-page coverage. I couldn’t help but be impressed by the family-friendly nature of the event and the lack of any negativity.

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Post Pride 2014

STOCKTON — Darlene Harris knew she was a lesbian at the age of 8, but she was raised in the Bible Belt, where she didn’t dare to share her sexual orientation.

Harris grew up in Texas. She lived in towns such as McKinney and Paris, where people were not as tolerant as they were in metropolitan cities such as Dallas and Fort Worth, she said.

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