Red Carpet Gala 2015

Online Ticket Sales Have Closed. Tickets Are Still Available At The Door. 


Who is taking home the Oscar Gold this year? Who will wear the best outfit? Who will show up in a crazy costume? Join us at French 25 and find out all these answers at Stockton's premier Academy Award Watch Party.








With live music and the most entertaining red carpet experience complete with paparazzi and special interview with the fabulous, the one and only Diva himself, Diamond Dan.







Enjoy delicious food from Downtown's finest eatery, French 25.



So join us for a fun event. Come dressed up, wear a costume or come in jeans. Everyone is welcome!! Plus, all of the proceeds go towards a very worthy cause, keeping the San Joaquin Pride Center's doors open. The San Joaquin Pride Center (SJPC), was founded in 2011 and easily opened its doors within four month.  From the inaugural Pride Festival, attended by 4,000 people, to its outreach efforts within the local school districts, SJPC is making a difference by advocating for the LGBT community. The organization has developed successful youth programs, peer-led groups, counseling services and cultural programs. It hosts the Stockton Transgender Alliance and has focused on anti-bullying and sensitivity training within local school districts. Please join us for Red Carpet Gala 2015 and help us make a difference in the San Joaquin County area. 


Everyone who is anyone goes. Will you be there? 


February 22, 2015 at 4pm - 8pm
French 25
Nicholas Hatten · · (209) 466-7572
Helen Wheeler Frazier Micaela Micas Virginia Madueno Koda Lexus Jacquie Fonzi Stefanie Souza Angela Lala Marie Jesse Vargas Roger Sysavath Terry Fairley Margie Casey Camella Martian Seda Ly Alicia Hernandez Sherri Ficher Ana Vera Donna Brown Erin Guy Castillo Max Vargas Joel Reyna, Jr. Nydia Servin Renee Elliott Gladys Garino Kandi Howe Linda Sandoval Janet River Debra Rose Nickols Andrea Santo LaVerne Mitchell-Taylor Frances Richardson Maryanne Soares-Lopus Nancy Hernandez Abigail G. Avila Anthony Gomez Jocelyn Conde Marci Martinez Rodo Arana Orlando Jose Janell Freeman Somera Cim Medriano Torie Millbrook Richard Prieto Raymond Young Heidi M. Moore Ryan Andrew Barbour Geo Herrera Susan Michener Spracher Cynthia Marler Marsh

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Just finished all of the baskets for the Red Carpet Gala! Can't wait for tomorrow!
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Hey Kathy Janee' Ingram, Sid Barraza, Debbie O'Sullivan So, we have a sweet Giant's tickets package being silent auctioned at this year's Red Carpet Gala 2015. Just saying. ;-D
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One final update for the day--and the last guild award this season (for real this time). We are only a few days away from the big show. Get those bow ties and gowns ready! It's going to be the best party of the year.
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Sound Editors add to the accolades being handed out:
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Guess we spoke to soon. Awards are still being handed out by trade groups. Here's American Society of Cinematographers' winners for the year.
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I do believe that's all the guild/union/trade awards for this season. Keep in mind, with WGA, some of the biggie players are not eligible for their nominations so who ends up with an Oscar is always up in the air. We've got Indie Spirits on Saturday and then the big o. Hope to see everyone at French 25 for Stockton's premier Oscar Watch Party! Woot woot!
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Dear Friends and Family, In lieu of a birthday party this year I would like to celebrate my birthday contributing to the San Joaquin County Pride Center and supporting their annual Red Carpet Gala! Join me in either purchasing a ticket or sponsoring the event and getting all glammed up!!!
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