Tuesday Giving 2016

I'm going to be honest. Since the November election, things have been tough. Many members of our community have expressed concerns about their civil rights being taken away and others are concerned for their loved ones. Yes, we here in California are lucky to have such awesome leadership (like our area's very own Senator Galgiani and Assemblywoman Susan Eggman) but the tough reality is despite some terrific legislation coming out of Sacramento, many of those LGBT+ laws go unfunded here in San Joaquin County. That is why we here at the San Joaquin Pride Center, to go out of our way to partner with our schools and our local agencies to advocate for the proper funding that is due for our LGBT+ community. We are the only organization working on the local level fighting for local LGBT+ rights on a full-time basis and it's only through local accountability that we benefit from the strong pro-LGBT+ policies coming out of Sacramento.

In 2016, we increased our programming to include on-site mental health support. We moved to a larger location to better serve our community. We have increased the number of youth we work with to include an internship program and a collaboration with the San Joaquin County Office of Education that will lead us to having stronger ties to our LGBT+ youth who live in the truly rural parts of the County. We even negotiated a partnership with Stockton Police Department so that every new hire will watch Stockton-born Chase Ybarra's transgender documentary, Heather's Story, and also take a tour of the Pride Center to learn about our community. 
Because there's an incoming White House Administration full of nominations and appointments being filled by people who made their careers using hate and anti-LGBT+ rhetoric; we must out-organize, out-advocate and ,yes, out-fundraise to defeat this new threat to our equal rights. And not just to national organizations but local ones too. Please participate in #givingTuesday by making a donation to the San Joaquin Pride Center today.
 With LGBT+ apathy hitting an all-time low this year, our fundraising has been way lower than our previous years. Help us course correct and make a donation or share this email today.  
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